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" Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."  
Lateral Leadership

Lateral leardership means to manage when you’re not in the manager position. In 1997 Roger Fisher and Alan Sharp disclose in tgheir book “Lateral Leadership: Getting Things Done When You’re Not the Boss” the main principles of lateral leadership.

Lateral leaders don’t have the blessing of formal power. They need to convince people, ususally their peers with other means like excellent professional skills needed in the current project, specific soft skills and a good amount of charme.

Main training topics are:

  • Particularities of  lateral leadership
  • Soft Skills needed in lateral leadership
  • Acceptancy: the first step towards leadership
  • The five basic elements of lateral leadership: purpose, thinking, learning, engagement, feed back
  • The Matrix organisation. Lateral leadership under heavy fire
  • International lateral leadreship. The premiere league for lateral leaders
  • Case studies and examples from real life projects

Duration: 2 days
Max 12 participants

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