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" Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."  

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” (Henry Ford)

Our philosophy is based on a long term approach. We consider that in order to achieve success we need first to closely understand you (the clients) needs,
then elaborate a plan and address specifically those needs and finally work together for success as stated in Henry Ford’s words.

Maybe the most straightforward way to explain our mission is to answer 3 potential questions from your side…

Which is the target group for IHRS-Training?

The majority of our customers comes from the industry. Our services are focused on technical personnel – engineers and techncians – but we also have participants from public institutions and ordinary individuals.

Why should you choose IHRS-Training?

You’ll certainly find dozens of web pages which proclaim that their concepts are absolutely unique. Our concepts are based on our own experience combined with publicly available scientific results. We give you 3 reasons to work with us:

Reason #1: All our trainings/services have been derived over years of daily experience. We gathered significant experience in the past 20 years and certainly had our failures. All these experiences (weather good or bad) forms the basis of our training lessons.

Reason #2: We doour own scientific researches in the HR world. One of the outcomes of our work is the 5KD model of international competency. We use this model in our training with great success.

Reason #3: IHRS-Training makes extensive use of the cross checking principle: we are atend trainings delivered by colleagues (we deliberately don’t use the word “competitors”) and they in turn attend our trainings. This gives us the certitude that we can deliver you a quality service.

Why did you choose specifically the five services mentioned in your portfolio?

We have our focus on the individual and its own development. In Germany the hard skills are highly appreciated however their presence is not enough to make the best use of available time and other resources. Soft skills need to be developed as well.

A good Project Management is essential to deliver high quality products and services.

In a globalised world working together with people from all over the world is no longer an exception but (almost) day by day routine. Accordingly, only a strong International Competency and highly developed Lateral Leadership skills allow for good communication and good results.

People with technical background are tempted to make “happy engineering”. But even if solving challenging (technical) problems brings one in a flow status the economics of the project have priority. Our training Economics Basics has been designed especially to adress this issue.

Finally in all knowledge-based work we use the most precious asset mother nature gives us: our mind. Our Mental Efficiency training will show you methods to significantly improve your cognitive skills.